Why did you get an Each 1 Reach 1 Card?

The simple answer is because someone wants you to know that God loves you.  

Those words are hard for some people to hear, especially if there is a lot of hurt and pain in their life.  Sometimes it's hard to reconcile the love of God with hurt and pain in your life.  I won't pretend to be able to address those pains and hurts in an impersonal blog post.  Just know that I understand those things are real.

Perhaps, God knew you needed to know that you are loved and he sent some person from Grace Fellowship to show love to you.  Maybe God understands your hurt more than you think.  

Jesus experienced all kinds of pain.  He lost friends who were close to him, he was betrayed and the betrayal sent him to be tortured and then to the cross. He even felt like God the father had turned HIs back on him.  He was God in the flesh, but he set aside his divine privilege and faced temptation, hurt and suffering, yet he did not sin.

God loves you, I hope you will give him the opportunity to be part of your life.

God Loves You

Welcome New Neighbors

Welcome New Neighbors